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Hawk Performance HPDE Rewards Program Resources

Program Details

  1. Follow all program requirements outlined below.
  2. Upon progression though each HPDE level, obtain a signature from a NASA official instructor or Regional Director on your HPDE Passport.
  3. Complete the Hawk Performance HPDE Rewards Claim Form
  1. Use of the HPDE Passport is required to be eligible for this program
  2. HPDE Passport availability: HPDE Passports are available at the driver’s information area at each NASA
  • Awards are presented to HPDE drivers in Regional events that progress through the NASA HPDE Program.
    • HPDE 1 to 2
    • HPDE 2 to 3
    • HPDE 3 to 4 
    • HPDE 4 to Time Trial

Hawk HPDE Rewards must be claimed within 30 days of the conclusion of the event. No claims will be processed after December 31, 2024.

  • Awards must be redeemed at www.hawkperformance.com within 60 days from when the award was issued
  • Hawk Codes may only be applied toward the published retail price for any Hawk Performance brake pads on the Hawk Performance website. They will not offset any applicable tax, shipping, or handling fees
  • Maximum of one (1) award per event weekend and per car may be claimed
  • Hawk Codes are non-transferable and must be redeemed by the awardee
  • HPDE Passports will be verified to ensure that they are correctly filled out, completed, and signed by a Regional Director, lnstructor, or the HPDE Group leader
  • Hawk Performance retains the right to change the program details at any time
  • This optional contingency program is verified by NASA and paid for by Hawk Performance

Payout Schedule

Eligible Series:


HPDE 1 to 2HPDE 2 to 3HPDE 3 to 4 HPDE 4 to Time Trial
25% off Hawk Performance Order30% off Hawk Performance Order35% off Hawk Performance Order40% off Hawk Performance Order