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Inertia Lab Contingency Program Resources

Program Details

  1. Follow all program requirements outlined below.
  2. Take (4) Photos of your vehicle at the track before your competition session. Refer to the FAQ section here.
  3. Complete  Inertia Labs Contingency Claim Form once the official results have been published.
  1. Competitors must be using Nitron, JRZ*, Penske, or Ohlins**
  2. Decals Requirement: YES
  3. # of Decals: 2
  4. Location: Decal must be placed on each side of the vehicle.
  5. Decal availability: Decals are available at the driver’s information area at each NASA event.


*Excludes twin tube JRZ (non-remote).

**Ohlins Road and Track Coilover Systems may require parts only sold as a complete damper by Ohlins. Example: shafts and bodies are not sold separately if damaged.  Contact Inertia Lab for more information.

  • Regional Competition: Awards are presented to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers based on starter and class requirements.
  • National Championships:  A random drawing will be held for 5 competitors in eligible classes 
  • Awards are presented in the form of a certificate for the purchase of products or services.
  • Awards are good through the year and must be claimed no later than December 31, 2023.
  • Product certificate redeemable toward qualifying services or products including rebuilds, revalving, or new dampers/coilovers. (see below)
  • Product certificates from the 2023 racing season can be combined for a single redemption.
  • Regional Competition: Maximum of (1) award per weekend event, per car. Maximum (3) awards may be claimed during the 2023 Racing Season. Awards cannot transferred.
  • Competitors are required to electronically complete a claim form and submit official timing results.
  • Awards will strictly be based on official race results supplied by NASA.
  • Inertia Lab retains the right to change the program details at any time.
  • This optional contingency program is verified by NASA and paid for by Inertia Lab.


2023 NASA National Championships participants in eligible classes earning pole position will win $100 off qualifying services and 10 drivers in eligible classes will be randomly selected after the event for $500 dollars off 1 or 3-way Nitron suspension system. 

Pole Position Winners: 

  1. Fill out the Inertia Labs Contingency Claim Form once the official results have been published.

Random Drawing: 

At the conclusion of the event Inertia Labs will select at random 10 drivers who have participated in The 2023 NASA Championships. Selected drivers will be contacted by Inertia Labs notifying them of their prize no later than 30 days after the event concludes. 

Qualifying Services

The following brands apply: Nitron, JRZ*, Ohlins** and Penske.

Rebuilds, revalving and other labor based awards not to exceed 33% of the pre tax service or labor portion of the bill.
$100 max can be used at once if only 2 dampers are rebuilt.
Axle pairs at minimum must be sent in for service at the same time to qualify for contingency usage.

Upgrade parts or damage repair labor applies in the same way of normal servicing outlined above.  Awards may not be applied to parts directly, however.

Qualifying Products and Upgrades

New Nitron coilover systems allow doubling your awards.  For every $100 awarded you can take $200 off a new nitron setup.  Does not apply to Nationals Raffle winners.

Crash damaged shock replacement is case by case.  Parts damage replacement does not apply to parts cost directly, only labor.

*Excludes twin tube JRZ.

**Ohlins Road and Track Coilover Systems may require parts only sold as a complete damper by Ohlins. Example: shafts and bodies are not sold separately if damaged.  Contact Inertia Lab for more information.

Payout Schedule

Eligible Series:

German Touring Series, Super Touring, Time Trial

3 or more starters$80 Product Credit$60 Product Credit$50 Product Credit$40 Product Credit

Eligible Series:

German Touring Series, Honda Challenge, Super Touring, Time Trial

Pole Position Winner10 Random Drivers
$100 Off Qualifying Services$500 Off 1 or 3-way Nitron suspension system

Refer to the additional information section for complete details